Guided Goose Hunts

Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures offers wild goose hunts in New York State. Situated directly in the Atlantic flyway along the Hudson River , our waterfowl hunts are second to none. Our 3000 acres of private hunting land provides ducks and geese the ideal balance of fields, ponds and food sources. Our accommodations are exclusively provided by Stuyvesant Manor, the former home of Hollywood icon Sidney Poitier. We deliver a complete experience combining superb New York State Hunting with first rate lodging including all the comforts of home and more.

Canada geese
Experience the thrill of a flock of Canadian geese appearing above the horizon chattering and circling your blinds and decoys. The suspense waiting for the geese to draw near is a feeling that waterfowl hunters get instantly addicted to. Here at Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures we are located directly in the middle of the Atlantic flyway. The Atlantic Flyway is a migration route used by waterfowl flying from northern Quebec to Florida in the autumn and back in the springtime. This is where waterfowl hunting first originated. Each year during their migration thousands of geese fill our fields and ponds seeking rest and food.

Local ponds draw in all types of local and migrating waterfowl. Located in the Atlantic flyway, we are home to numerous different species. Our pond is secluded and tucked away in the rolling hills and valleys of Stuyvesant, New York.

Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures has a top of the line kennel which features expertly trained retrieving dogs. Hunters are also encouraged to use their own dogs if they wish.

 What to Expect:

Your Hunt
Hunters assemble into our Clubhouse where everyone is checked-in and given their own private locker and suite number. At any point during your stay, guests are welcomed to enjoy our facilities many amenities.

Each hunt begins with pre-hunt briefing then hunters are welcome to fill their thermoses with coffee, get field ready and make their way to their assigned blinds with their guide. Don’t be afraid to ask your guides questions, they love to share their knowledge and enjoy informing fellow hunters.

If you should harvest birds our guides will field dress your birds. If you wish to learn how to field dress your game our guides will be happy to teach you. If you would like to mount your trophy we can recommend several excellent taxidermists.

Ponds and Habitat

Goose habitat
Located in the middle of the Atlantic flyway and situated on hundreds of acres of fields, goose hunting at Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures is as good as it gets. We have several goose hunting locations comprised of planted fields and ponds. Thus making our fields utterly irresistible to geese looking to eat and rest on their long migration. It is common to see countless geese at any given time grazing on our fields or roosting on our ponds.

Depending on the location of your hunt, Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures supplies our hunters with various types of blinds. We have a large assortment of rolling, chair and custom fabricated blinds which are specifically suited to different hunting conditions. Your guide will set up your blind for you and have it ready for upon arrival. The majority of our blinds are mobile and can easily be adjusted should conditions change. All of our blinds are uniquely camouflaged into their surroundings.

Goose Hunt Prices

Goose or Duck Hunt

1/2 Day hunt             $525

All hunts include a licensed guide.

 take me hunting!


If you are travelling and need accomodation. Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures guests can expect first rate lodging at Stuyvesant Manor. The newly renovated Manor consists of six suites featuring their own bathrooms, showers, LCD TV’s with direct TV, alarm clocks, luxurious furnishings and ample closet space. The Manor is also equipped with a sauna, multiple fireplaces and a fire pit for our guests’ enjoyment. Outside the Manor is the Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures Clubhouse. This is where our guests love to relax with a drink, shoot a game of pool, or play a game of darts all while enjoying our wood burning stove. The clubhouse is furnished with a large bar, plush couches and recliners, LCD TV, poker table, billiards table and darts. We also offer an Archery range complete with a crow’s nest to simulate shots taken from tree stands, as well as an area to sight in your rifles and pattern your shotguns. During your stay our guests are welcomed to enjoy all that we offer at any time.


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