Coyote Hunting In Upstate NY Oct - March


Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures is a New York Outfitter providing heart racing Eastern Coyote hunts on 3000 acres of private hunting land.  This fast paced Coyote hunt is like nothing most have ever experienced. Coyote hunting laws allow for a wide variety of hunt types including, baited, night-tactical, electronic calling and more.  This hunt is not easy nor for the faint of heart.  Our accommodations are exclusively provided by Stuyvesant Manor, the former home of Hollywood icon Sidney Poitier. We deliver a complete experience combining superb New York State Hunting with first-rate lodging including all the comforts of home and more.

About Eastern Coyotes

  • They are extraordinarily smart, fast, agile and strong
  • 50lb Coyotes are not unusual in this area
  • Eastern Coyotes can attack prey twelve times their size
  • Eastern Coyotes are a crafty, formidable opponent, you will thrill to the sound of their howling in the wild

This is not your ordinary hunt

What to expect:

Your Hunt

Our guests arrive at 5pm. Hunters assemble into our Clubhouse where everyone is checked-in and given their own private locker and suite number. Upon settling in, our chef will serve a family style dinner from appetizers to desserts.  At this time hunters can mingle with other guests and Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures guides and staff. After dinner, together we will formulate a game plan.  Coyote hunting is different than any other hunts we offer at Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures.  When in season, Coyote hunting is permitted 24 Hours a day.  There are many different methods we can use here.  We offer daytime and nighttime hunts. Hunt with traditional rifles, shotguns, hand guns or archery, we use baited hunts, electronic calling, manual calling, stalking, and more.  We can custom tailor your hunt to suit your preferences.

Typically our chef prepares three full course meals at pre-set times.  If you would like to remain in the field we can set plates aside or pack meals that you could eat in the field.  We allocate for eight hunting hours per day, tailored to the type of coyote hunting you wish to try for that particular day.  This is NOT an easy hunt.  It’s often intense and by far the most challenging hunts we offer.  You may harvest two coyotes in total for your hunt.  If you harvest an animal your guide and will transport the animal back to the facility where it will be field dressed.  Our guides will be more than happy to share their knowledge of tracking and how to properly field dress your harvest.  As hunters you have the options of paying to send your coyote to the butcher for its pelt or having it sent to a taxidermist.



Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures guests can expect first rate lodging at Stuyvesant Manor. The newly renovated Manor consists of six suites featuring their own bathrooms, showers, LCD TV’s with Direct TV, alarm clocks, luxurious furnishings and ample closet space. The Manor is also equipped with a sauna, multiple fireplaces and a fire pit for our guests’ enjoyment. Outside the Manor is the Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures Clubhouse. This is where our guests love to relax with a drink, shoot a game of pool, or play a game of darts all while enjoying our wood-burning stove. The clubhouse is furnished with a large bar, plush couches and recliners, LCD TV, poker table, billiards table and darts. We also offer an Archery range complete with a crow’s nest to simulate shots taken from tree stands, as well as an area to sight in your rifles and pattern your shotguns. During your stay you as our guest are welcomed to enjoy all that we offer at any time.

The Eastern Coyote and Hunting stands

Comprised of more than 3000 acres, our land will offer both the experienced and new hunter a variety of hunting environments with a choice of 250 tree stands and ground blinds (link). Our hunters will hunt out of comfortable metal stands and blinds which include: double-wide stands, single shooter stands, 360 degree shooting stands, enclosed box blinds, wooden bench stands, metal platform stands, custom made blinds and tent blinds. All are strategically placed to provide our hunters with the best opportunities.

Availability is limited. Call one of our booking representatives today at (518) 929-0137 and secure your reservation.


Coyote Rates


2 Night, 2 day hunt                                          $1,200

 Hunt includes lodging at the luxurious Stuyvesant Manor, all meals, licensed guide, and bait.


take me hunting!

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