Kennel & Our Dogs

Our Upland Bird facility features a state of the art kennel which houses our extraordinary line of pointing ,flushing and retrieving dogs. All kennels are equipped with in floor radiant heat which provides proper warmth for our dogs in the colder months. Each kennel has indoor and outdoor sections which allow our dogs to have the option of running around outside or resting inside. Each outdoor section is connected to our dog socialization pen, which gives the dogs freedom and promotes a healthy environment. Our trainers are on property 7 days per week ensuring that our dogs are always ready to work. If you are staying at Stuyvesant Manor, members can keep their dogs in our kennel at no charge.

Britches birtchessmall


Dottie dottiesmall
Buddy soasmall
zambo Zambo
Kona_001 Kona



dashsmall Dash


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